10 Stylish Reads, for the Business-Minded Fashionista

By: Rebecca Belanger
When the winter chill is causing slight cabin fever, and you’re unable to jet off to the warmer countries of the world, the best way to escape, is to pick up a great book. This way your mind can venture off into another world, without having to brave that deep freeze of a wind chill outside, or fly off to the tropics.

The following is a list of possible stylish stay-cation destinations that you could take whilst you curl up in your chair, relax and enjoy a cup of your favorite loose leaf tea in your Jea bejeweled hand (because you obviously can’t read without a good piece of hand jewellery) and one of these books in the other.
1. Blow by Blow
By: Detmar Blow (with Tom Sykes)

This biography describes the fascinating, yet tragic life Isabella Blow, an Avant guard fashion enthusiast.

By: Sophia Amoruso

If you haven’t already encountered this ultra-popular read, then it is advised that you do that this instant. The former CEO of Nasty Gal unveils a look into her rapid growing business and explains what it takes to become a “#Girlboss

3.The Asylum
By: Simon Doonan

Currently mid-way through reading this gem, but from what has been read, it is a witty  into the crazy lives of some of the biggest names in the New York fashion game. (Some of the stories, you would hardly believe).

4. If you Have to Cry, go Outside
and Normal gets you Nowhere
By: Kelly Cutrone

Although both are short reads, they each contain a whole lot of insight.

5. The Da Vinci Code
By: Dan Brown

Not unlike most novel to silver screen stories, the book is most certainly better than the movie. 

6.Grace: A Memoir
By: Grace Coddington
This woman is a true fashion voyager, as Creative Director of American Vogue her tale is terribly interesting, and includes some lovely little visuals.

7.Finding Myself in Fashion
By: Jeanne Beker

The life that this woman led is fascinating, her experience as a long-time fashion journalist is incredible.

8.In her Shoes
By: Tamara Mellon    

As the cofounder of Jimmy Choo, Tamara Mellon unloads the dirty details of working with monetary minded people in a creative fashion field and how the luxury shoe brand came to be.  

9.The Vogue Factor
By: Kirstie Clements

Kirstie Clements divulges some intriguing information about the Vogue brand and the Australian fashion industry.

10.Revenge Wears Prada
By: Lauren Wiesberger

As sequel to the in-famous story The Devil Wears Prada, this non-fictional tale takes place 10 years later and is so much better than the first book.
Give some of these a read and let us know what you think!
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