Bohemian Dreams

Written By: Rebecca Belanger

With spring on its way, one begins to get excited about the weather that is to come, and with this warm weather dreaming one can’t help but think about all of the wonderful potential outfits that are just dying to be worn. Due to the fact that spring flowers, bring festival showers, one can expect to fall back in love with beautiful bohemia. Taking inspiration from the always-fashionable Coachella, (even the name of the event is uber chic) is a good way to get your spring wardrobe started. This ultra-laxed, feminine trend, filled with flowing maxi skirts, fringed kimonos and backpacks, (and of course, a wicked array of accessories to choose from; brass bangles, bejeweled anklets, and floral crowns? Where could you go wrong?) dates back to the 60’s, where love and flower power ruled this decade. Now, in 2015 this peace, love and fashionable style is a great way to show off your Hai-Ha gear, and some of that natural girl power.


Here are 6 key notes about bringing this style into your life and wardrobe:

  1. Comfort is key
    The natural Boho goddess dances the night away in lightweight flowing fabrics that don’t weigh down her style.
  1. Never be afraid to fringe binge
    Fringe shorts, fringe cross-body bags, fringe shawl, fringe tank top…

  2. A little crochet, can go a long way
    A nice crochet knit can look fantastic in a little top or vest.

  3. Feathers are fantastic
    Feathers bring a sense of nature, and add to the notion of the light, easy-going attitude of the bohemian babe, they can be worn in your hair, as a necklace pendant, or on a handchain (like the Nicole and the Krista).

  4. One must always maxi
    The reality is, maxi skirts, and dresses are basically the under-cover sweat pant, and if you refer to key note #1, they only make sense.

Accessories are to be light, but not minimal
For comfort reasons, bohemian style requires light jewelry for the most part, however, for artistic reasons jewelry should also be worn in bulk. ( in other words: Yes, you should wear that Jasmine headpiece, with that Wajeha anklet, and that Mercedes hand chain with the gold feather, and definitely add an outrageous assortment of rings on all of your fingers)!

Creative Direction: HAI-HA

Stylist: Stephanie Ward (LA Based,

Photographer: PRSPECTIV (Toronto Based,

Models: Racquel N. (Australia Based)

Jacqueline W. (Miss Globe,

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