Iris Apfel: Because there is Art in Layering Accessories

By: Rebecca Belanger 
In the spirit of the Parisian premiere of the Albert Maysles documentary titled “Iris”, it was only fitting to write a post inspired by the queen of accessorizing herself, Iris Apfel. Iris is a New York resident, costume jewelry connoisseur, and high-fashion icon of 93 years. 
When it comes to layering accessories, Iris knows exactly what pieces will pair well, and how many she can stack on before an appendage casually falls off. Although this may seem as though this is merely a skill that very few possess, we’re here to provide a little assistance through this Iris inspired guideline that may help turn your layers from stack-attack status, to lovely layering.
Kaitlyn is pictured layering the “Luxy” and the “Elyria” bodychains for a minimalist approach to stacking.
 When choosing pieces to layer with, start by keeping a colour scheme in mind
  1. Stick with either one tone of metal, or else to a colour story such as neutrals, otherwise you may work with complementary colours such as corals and turquoise, citrus and lavender shades, etc, etc.
 Be sure to first think about what sort of stack-a-licious look you are going for
  1. Are you trying to portray a bohemian vibe?
    A modern look?
    Or perhaps taking inspo from Iris by going with a bold “more is more” approach?
 Have a little bit of fun by choosing varying sizes and shapes of jewelry to layer with
If you are choosing to wear a dainty body chain (or two… or three), don’t be afraid to wear bold pair of earrings, or all different shapes and sizes of rings, it will nicely contrast the feminine design of the chain(s) by adding more visual interest to your layered look.  
Image from Official Facebook Page for “Iris” documentary
“Iris” comes to North American theatres beginning April 29th, be sure to check the documentary out and, be sure to tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter when you do!

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