HAI-HA at Go Hard

By: Rebecca Belanger
On  Saturday, May 30th, the girls at HAI-HA grabbed hold of their raver spirits and danced the night away at the Hai-Ha booth in Echo Beach. Stationed right across from the stage, we indulged in some killer beats from the likes of Eric Prydz, Dillon Francis, RL Grime, Big Gigantic, Destructo, Tokimonsta, Cosella, and Ethan Kast of Crystal Castles. Throughout the night we met with some amazing festival lovers, and partied in style, rocking JEA handchains, Elyria, Lor, Monita, and Luxy bodychains.

Great group of party animals.  (You can’t see it, but this girl in the middle ROCKED our bodychain)

As the music played on, the weather changed up the beat practically every second song, changing on and off from sunshine to downpour, and from humidity, to chilled temperatures.   But even though the weather may have had multiple personalities on for the night, the crowd had just one, partier.  
Model Kaytlin & designer Hai-Ha looking so fierce in the booth.
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All photos taken by Rebecca Belanger © 2015
Banner image of Kaytlin, Hai Ha, and Natalia.

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