What to Wear to Summer Parties this Year!

By: Rebecca Belanger
There’s no doubt about it, Summer is a great season for parties. If you’re a social butterfly, then you’re definitely hosting or attending a fair collection of events this season, but if you’re not already an avid Pintrest user, it can be difficult to come up with ideas of what sort of party to host, what to wear, and what to serve. So we at HAI-HA decided to throw out a few suggestions of how to party in style this season.
  1. Back Yard Bash/BBQ
    What to serve:
    -Lamb chops with mint & rosemary red skin potatoes
    -Sausages with mild cheese on gourmet buns
    -Burgers with feta on flat bread with a side of asparagus

    Drink suggestions:
    Krombacher beer
    Kronenbourg Blanc
    -Palm bay coolers

    But make sure to have a wide variety of soda options and water bottles served neatly in a cooler over ice.

    What to wear:
    Think casual; denim paired with a graphic tee and a warm sweater for when the bugs come out and the sun goes down. But don’t forget to jazz the outfit up with the LILYA anklet or the IVANA handchain!

  2. Pool Party/Beach bash
    What to serve:
    Think light finger foods such as:
    -Tortilla chips with salsa and cheese dip
    -Veggie and fruit trays
    -hot dogs or tofu dogs for the veg friendly

    Drink suggestions:
    Think sweet and iced drinks like,
    -pina coladas

    But, don’t forget beers for the boys and juice for the little ones!

    What to wear:
    -bikinis paired with light chiffon cover-ups
    -one-piece black swimsuit with flattering cut-outs

    Ps, this is the BEST place to display your new HAI-HA bodychain!

  3. Tea Party
    What to serve:
    -tea buscuits
    -finger sandwiches (tuna, cucumber, chicken or egg salad work best)
    -light pastries

    Drink suggestions:
    -run down to your local tea shop and grab a variety pack to satisfy a number of your guest’s tastes
    -for your non-tea drinkers provide some addition caffeine boosting options such as coffee, lattes or cappuccinos
    -if you want to spike up the night, make some tea cocktails for your guests

    What to wear:
    -Your favorite little black dress with pearls
    -a high-waist skirt over a silk top and cardigan
    -why not indulge in that true English style by wearing a fine pill box hat or some other classy haute chapeau.

  4. And for those who want to have a little additional fun and want their guests to run with their imagination at their party, why not throw a themed party such as the following:
    -White Party
    -Story book party (Alice in wonderland, Charlie and the chocolate factory or think Disney)
    -Paint party
    -Rave/bright & tight
    -Jungle Adventure
    -Tiki Hawaii Dreams
    -Stoplight party
    (where you wear red, yellow, or green in order to display your relationship status)
    -Toga party
    -Poetry slam

If you or your guests are drinking, remember to drink responsibly.
As a host/hostess, you should make sure that all of your guests arrive safely at home.
Here are some tips on how to ensure this:
-Have a key jar
-Have a list of taxi numbers prepared for guests
-Ask everyone who their DD is for the night
-Provide your own DD service

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