Beach Babe’n

By: Rebecca Belanger
This week, the weather forecast is calling for ultra beaming, hot summer rays which suggests that it may be an appropriate time to throw on those flip-flops, slap on some SPF and head down to where the water touches the sand.
Before heading out, when packing your stylish beach tote, there are a few items you may want to consider packing in order to maintain that goddess glow.  Here are a few suggestions of what to add to your must have checklist:
 The most important items you should make sure to bring are your accessories. That tiny weeny bikini may show off your curves, but a little bit of dazzle will show off your style. Pair a VERY V bodychain with your favorite sunnies and a little espadrille wedge. If you’re a tad more on the shy side, wrap a brightly coloured pashmina or chiffon scarf around your waist or shoulders, and clasp on a KRYS anklet to add a little pizzazz whilst still maintaining a slight bit of mystery. 

If you’re looking to obtain a glistening golden tan, make sure your tanning lotion not only bronzes you up, but provides the appropriate “nutrients” if you will, to ensure that your skin stays firm and moisturized. Hemp based tanning lotions with added SPF are best, and they tend to work at both the beach, and indoor salons.

In order to keep your tresses tamed, throw in a bottle of spray for your boho beach waves. And speaking of spray, a spritz of body spray may come in handy after a little beach volley ball work out.

It may be ideal to also pack some lip friendly SPF to ensure those rays don’t damage that perfect pout of yours. Applying a natural lip exfoliator, post-beach day will ensure that your stays as wet and wild as the waves. You can even make your own using coconut oil and brown sugar.
If you brought some HAI-HA gems with you to the beach, we’d love to see how you rocked it. Tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
Banner and footer images taken by Rebecca Belanger© 2015

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