For Love of Jordan Stewart

By: Rebecca Belanger
HAI-HA may currently be stationed in Toronto, but will always have that soft spot for London, Ontario. Especially since there is a slight bias since one of our favorite shops happens to be located there…
Jordan Stewart Boutique
is one of many great little shops along Richmond Row, (with an additional location in Simcoe) it carries a wide variety of your favorite high-end brands, and is filled to the brim with dazzling colour pallets. During the Meet & Greet, we encountered a great selection of perfect pastels, and beautiful neutrals (that were clearly meant to be bedazzled in HAI-HA glimmer). The store is always maintained in a neatly merchandised fashion. The amazing (and way friendly) JS girls treat everyone who enters their door in a manner that sets a super comfortable environment to shop; there is even a couch to relax on in case the amazing selection starts to make you dizzy from all of the options.

Once you’ve finished all the steps involved in accepting that you’ve fallen in love with the fantastic JS shop, and realize that you may have a difficult time leaving the store, you’ll be happy to know that you can take a little piece of the shop with you. JS boutique has a website called “Look of the Day” or “LOTD”; the site carries a small selection of JS goodies to peruse through whilst indulging in some “OOTD” inspo on the go. The JS team capture daily images of the girls working it in some of their favorite pieces and post them as both inspiration, and as a shoppable look. In case you were wondering, you can also find some HAI-HA gems not-so-hidden away on the site, if you know where to look. (they couldn’t possibly be found here… no, definitely not.)
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  • This boutique has the best of everything !! I just love everything …they are the hottest spot !! It’s so busy ? .., but worth the wait to get a totally different look

    • Katie