How to Not be Basic, Update your Basics

By: Hai Ha Nguyen

HAI-HA: Don't be Basic, Update your Basics

Top: JO handchain, LUXY bodychain Bottom: CLEO bodychain and JEA handchain

          With the New Year rolling in you all probably made your New Year's resolutions, let's hope they are ones you'll actually keep! One thing it seems like everyone on social media is striving towards is 'to not be basic'. Not being basic means always wanting to take it to that next level... Make up, career, money, relationship, fashion, nails etc... Or whatever it means to you. But you know starting out with basics isn't so bad. Let's talk wardrobe, we all own basics and they do come in handy. When you're in a rush or wearing some killer accessories or statement piece, you need that basic color block to make your look agreeable.

          Basics are what inspired me to design body chains in the first place. I own a lot of black, white and greys. And yes it does bore me but I thought, "if I had some awesome designs on it that I could change from time to time I would re-invent this little black dress!" Typically people would think to wear body chains with bikinis; but I wanted to freshen up this idea of body chains. Body chains don't have to be chunky, high maintenance and can fit properly.. Those were some of the common problems I was finding with the body chains that were out. A big thing was they simply did not fit me properly! They would constantly fall off or too fussy to wear and if something is uncomfortable for me to wear, I probably won't wear it too often - or ever again. I came up with some designs that you can wear with EVERYTHING. And when I say everything, I've tried it, in stores, we've tried it, it works. You can wear it over top of a fitted dress or top to show off the design and figure or under a loose top or for an air of mystery. You get a little subtle glimpse of chain against your skin, adding a little element of excitement. A couple of lines can change up an entire outfit!

          As for your taking your hands to the next level, we have hand chains. Take your typical manicure and add a hand chain like JO with a light pink stone to add something special. KRISTA is a nice variation of this design with a feather dangle! These two pair nicely with a dusty rose color like L'Oreal's Spice Things Up nail colour. I am awful at painting my own nails but the texture of this nail polish glides on nicely and the colour is easy to paint with. When my nails grow out nicely, an almond shape nail is gorgeous to wear with hand chains and mid finger rings. JEA in Silver and Onyx went nicely with the Onyx nail colour. Now that you know where to go to update your basics to be less basic, let's talk about life. I don't think you could ever really be basic if you're yourself. Even if you indulge in the latest make up, beauty, career, relationship or life trends that's okay. It obviously works for a lot of people but just know what works for you and OWN IT. Do whatever you want, at the end of the day it is your style, appearance your life.

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Hai Ha Nguyen is the Owner and Designer of HAI-HA. She occasionally blogs here to give you ideas on how to wear these sometimes complicated body chains. She loves pizza, her dog, designing (obviously) and posts funny memes at night to keep you entertained on Instagram

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