Freshen Up Your White Outfits

HAI-HA Freshen up your white outfits with the ZOE body chain and waterfall vest
All white outfits will never go out of style and will always keep you looking fresh, but we wanted to show you a couple of little components on how to freshen this look up. For our most recent photo shoot, we decided to add the Zoe body chain with the look and a grey waterfall vest to complete the ensemble. The Zoe is a loose fitting chain that drapes over most of the body without getting in the way and adds some line details to the outfit. The waterfall silhouette was extremely popular for fall and it looks like it will transition into spring with lighter textures. For fall and winter, the waterfall vest would've looked perfect with a fitted long sleeve top under it but going in warmer weather you can see that it goes perfectly with shorter sleeve lengths as well.
How else would you wear the waterfall silhouette? Or the Zoe? Share with us in the comments below or through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!



Hai Ha Nguyen is the Owner and Designer of HAI-HA. She occasionally blogs here to give you ideas on how to wear these sometimes complicated body chains. She loves pizza, her dog, designing (obviously) and posts funny memes at night to keep you entertained on Instagram


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