Enjoying a Saturday Coffee in Style at Te Aro

HAI-HA Saturday Coffee with Body Chains
Saturdays are my favourite day to enjoy my time at a local Cafe or plan my coffee dates. I used to be a sucker for coffee chains, I would never venture to local shops but I decided I wanted to see what the local scene has to offer! So far I am loving the atmosphere, different specialties that the local cafes offer and the decor. Every shop has it's own personality, quirks and uniqueness -  something I find so valuable in every part of life. Since designing I've been paying attention to those aspects more than ever. Whether it's coffee or fashion, I always like to see something different, paired with something trendy with a touch of heart. 
HAI-HA Enjoying a coffee with the JEA hand chain
This week I wore a beautiful floral Free People romper from Mendocino with the LUXY body chain and JEA hand chain to enjoy my coffee at Te Aro in Leslieville. To keep warm, my go-to is a frumpy, oversize and amazing cardigan with thigh high boots. Every thing I'm wearing, I'm obsessed with because I feel comfy, pretty and glamorous somehow all at the same time.
HAI-HA Enjoying a coffee with Boots at Te Aro
What do you wear on your coffee date? Have you been to Te Aro? Share with us in the comments below or through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

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 Hai Ha Nguyen is the Owner and Designer of HAI-HA. She occasionally blogs here to give you ideas on how to wear these sometimes complicated body chains. She loves pizza, her dog, designing (obviously) and posts funny memes at night to keep you entertained on Instagram. 

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