Kaeli G. wears the MONITA body chain on her vacation in Cuba.

Are you in need of a vacation yet? Even though it seems like we're getting an early spring, it's nice to get away be somewhere different to separate your work life and possibly responsibilities for a while... I know that adulting can be hard. Packing for a sunny vacation is pretty standard, you definitely need some items to wear by the pool and beach, sunscreen and casual clothing but a hot trend to dress up your outfits on vacation is body chains to adorn your body. I'm going to show you a few pieces that can really dress up a plain bikini or even dresses. I am the worst packer and I pack very lightly because it usually takes me months to unpack so it is important to only pack key pieces.

STAV body chain with a bikini HAI-HA Toronto
STAV body chain is a geometric style worn with a strapless bikini.

One of my objectives when it comes to designing body chains is to create unique designs that many people would enjoy wearing with their bathing suits on vacation. The current collection of body chains on the website features three types; basic, geometric and flowing chains. The basic body chains are for everyone, they go with every outfit and add a little hint of detail when it grazes on your skin. Naturally, the chains in this category go with any silhouette of bathing suit. Some styles include LUXY, MONITA and LOR. Geometric body chains take inspiration from straight edge shapes and keep angular lines even when on the body. Bandeau and strapless bikinis look amazing worn under or under these body chains as I've designed them to frame these types of bathing suits. Some geometric styles include STAV, VER and CLARA. Flowing body chains the types of styles that "flow" with the natural curves of your body. Of all the styles, I would characterize these as the most feminine and embrace your natural shape the most. They move with your body and drape according to your curves; some flowing styles are VAVAVOOM, FISHBONE and RAQUEL. I do recommend wearing them slightly looser so that it will be comfortable to move, you won't even notice them on your body this way. There is a 2" extender on all the connectors to give you an extra bit of room and fit different sizes. The chains are also very easy to pack, either keep them in the small zip lock bag that came with your purchase or wrap them flat in tissue paper. They weigh nothing and look so beautiful with your outfits! Any type of bikini would look great with these styles, it will also look great adding a bit of sparkle under all your pretty beach covers.

FISHBONE body chain worn with a bikini from HAI-HA Toronto
Kaytlin B. wears the FISHBONE body chain that flows with her curves with a bikini.

Whether you are on a sunny beach or calming poolside, a body chain is always a great piece of jewelry to beautiful details to any bikini. They embrace your body delicately and some of them even add a little Swarovski sparkle to keep you magical. If you have a trip coming up and plan on wearing a HAI-HA body chain, make sure you tag us on Instagram and tag #haiha to be featured! Keep in touch with through Twitter and Facebook for latest updates and arrivals.

 HAI-HA Toronto blogger, owner and jewelry designer


Hai Ha Nguyen is the Owner and Designer of HAI-HA. She occasionally blogs here to give you ideas on how to wear these sometimes complicated body chains. She loves pizza, her dog, designing (obviously) and posts funny memes at night to keep you entertained on Instagram. 


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