Give Back to War Child with HAI-HA Body Chains: Creative Deed for Artbound

Hubby body chain on Kaytlin B., one of three body chains for HAI-HA's Creative Deeds. 

From now until December 2016, you can contribute to War Child with HAI-HA through my Creative Deed for Artbound. Creative Deeds is an online platform by Artbound that allows artists in Toronto to donate their work and have the proceeds contribute towards the charity of their choice. In an effort to help children from Afghanistan, War Child operates child friendly creative spaces for them to learn and play out of harm's way. It has always been a goal of mine to be able to give back through my creativity. I have decided to donate the Stav, Vavavoom and Hubby body chains for my Creative Deed. All three of these body chains are sleek, versatile and detailed, designed to be worn with the season's latest fashions or timeless classics. You can be a part of my Creative Deed by purchasing these body chains, all the proceeds will go towards War Child. Thank you for your support and for stopping by!
To purchase the Stav, Vavavoom or Hubby body chains, visit my Creative Deeds page.

HAI-HA Designer Toronto


Hai Ha Nguyen is the Designer of HAI-HA. She occasionally blogs here to give you ideas on how to wear these sometimes complicated body chains. She loves food, her dog and being creative. Stay in touch for the latest updates through Instagram!

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