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When I design one of my chain pieces, I always think of how comfort can fit into my design. I always want to make sure the design is as versatile and practical as it can be so that it be worn all day. I a few questions I ask myself are, what would I wear this piece with? What would someone else wear with this? If it was a lazy Sunday and I want to throw a baggy shirt on, what would I wear with it? I have always loved care free style, accessorized with the right amount of details. This look I've put together is all about nonchalantly going about your day while still looking stylish and put together.

nonchalant blog pic 2 - HAI-HA body chains

This  look is subtly sexy, showing small glimpses of skin, adorned by a delicate chain. I styled Kaytlin B. with the Clara body chain and Franze hand chain to add the right amount of details to the outfit. A light blue button down shirt with medium wash is the perfect mix between dressy and casual. Complete this look with a loose messy bun and lightly contoured makeup to complement dark brows and lashes. As for footwear, I love the idea of a chic pair of stilettos but I personally can't last a whole day in heels so a clean pair of white Keds is what I'd go for.

nonchalant blog pic 3- HAI-HA body chains

Whether you've rushing out the door or spending time to create this 'nonchalant' look, body chains add subtle and stylish details to your outfit while being low maintenance throughout the day. For other classic body chains, check out our basic collection.

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Much Love,

Hai Ha

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