You’re all Just so Sweet, that we Simply had to Meet

By: Rebecca Belanger 

Yesterday at our favorite Richmond Row boutique, and Hai-Ha hosted a meet and greet event filled with sweet treats and style. As if by purpose, the sun was in as bright of spirits as the attendees, shining luminously through the shop’s glass. Inside the lovely Jordan Stewart location, customers were invited to nibble away at the candy bar; over the great debate between the Kaeli or the Mercedes handchain,  (or both?) to be styled in for the selfie station.

Even the lovely Jordan Stewart herself...

Designer Meet and Greet at Jordan Stewart London


As most of you may already know, yesterday was our designer meet, greet and style at the ultra chic, Jordan Stewart boutique on Richmond Row in the heart of London (Ontario)’s fashion and nightlife district. The sight of floral displays and delectable red velvet cupcakes, greeted entering customers. All visitors to the store were given a nice little tax break on all Hai-Ha products, and the opportunity to meet with, and be styled by, Miss Hai-Ha herself!

@jessica.assuncion was one of many lovely customers to engage in a...