Beauty in its Natural Bohemian State

By: Rebecca Belanger
Samantha Lynn is a brilliant makeup artist based in London, Ontario; she creates beauty looks that enhance the naturally ravishing appearance of HAI-HA models. Her artistry captured a little bit of that bohemian spirit on the always beautiful, Kaytlin B.
 This natural look is paired up with the Jasmine headchain, the turquoise and gold Jea (left hand), and the Nicole (right hand).
If you’re looking to bring this look into your daily routine, the details are as follows:

TheLipstickJungle - Make Up Artist

Make up artist Laura Leth is The Lipstick Jungle.She demos everything from concealer tricks to a fierce smokey eye! Her signature is her smokey cat eye, perfect brows and bold lipsticks; she isnt' The Lipstick Jungle for nothing!

The JEA complements her black and gold make up of the day!

Watch and subscribe to her Youtube channel: Thelipstickjungle and be sure to follow her on Instagram @thelipstickjungle_.