10 Stylish Reads, for the Business-Minded Fashionista

By: Rebecca Belanger
When the winter chill is causing slight cabin fever, and you’re unable to jet off to the warmer countries of the world, the best way to escape, is to pick up a great book. This way your mind can venture off into another world, without having to brave that deep freeze of a wind chill outside, or fly off to the tropics.

The following is a list of possible stylish stay-cation destinations that you could take whilst you curl up in your chair, relax and enjoy a cup of your favorite...

All bundled up, and somewhere to go?

Written By: Rebecca Belanger

February has officially just begun, and the weather forecast is calling for wild, winter weather this month in Canada. Some have taken this as the perfect opportunity to jet off to the sunshine capitals of the world, while the rest are simply wishing for better weather reports, or are at least enjoying the prospect of engaging in winter sports. However, if you are one of the lucky ones, this means that your plane tickets to paradise have already been purchased, and you’re currently collecting all the necessities...