Mermaid Hair and Clean Lines with French Youtuber Chloé B

By: Hai Ha Nguyen
Beautiful French Youtuber Chloé B shows you how to do her smokey eye look with mermaid hair! She is wearing our RAQUEL bodychain with a crisp white jumpsuit with clean lines!
Click here to watch the video!
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For Love of Jordan Stewart

By: Rebecca Belanger
HAI-HA may currently be stationed in Toronto, but will always have that soft spot for London, Ontario. Especially since there is a slight bias since one of our favorite shops happens to be located there…
Jordan Stewart Boutique
is one of many great little shops along Richmond Row, (with an additional location in Simcoe) it carries a wide variety of your favorite high-end brands, and is filled to the brim with dazzling colour pallets. During the Meet & Greet, we encountered a...

Meeting, Greeting & Eating at Jordan Stewart Boutique

By Rebecca Belanger
The sun was shining down bright and beautiful, yesterday in London, Ontario; which made for a perfect day to wander down Richmond Row. Located right across from Sunfest at Victoria Park, there was another exciting, little event going on. The Jordan Stewart boutique hosted a HAI-HA meet and greet, this time, with cookies! Shoppers were greeted by some of the most delicious cookies to nibble on whilst trying on some HAI-HA gems, and engaging in a chat with the designer herself. Plus, guests were able to save the tax...

Beach Babe’n

By: Rebecca Belanger
This week, the weather forecast is calling for ultra beaming, hot summer rays which suggests that it may be an appropriate time to throw on those flip-flops, slap on some SPF and head down to where the water touches the sand.
Before heading out, when packing your stylish beach tote, there are a few items you may want to consider packing in order to maintain that goddess glow.  Here are a few suggestions of what to add to your must have checklist:
 The most...

What to Wear to Summer Parties this Year!

By: Rebecca Belanger
There’s no doubt about it, Summer is a great season for parties. If you’re a social butterfly, then you’re definitely hosting or attending a fair collection of events this season, but if you’re not already an avid Pintrest user, it can be difficult to come up with ideas of what sort of party to host, what to wear, and what to serve. So we at HAI-HA decided to throw out a few suggestions of how to party in style this season.